My African Adventure

Part 2

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Hunting for Impala, blue wilderbeeste, Oryx and springbuck






My African Adventure 

Part 2


As it was a couple of years ago since my last safari which was a fantastic experience which i would like to repeat so when my hunting buddy (Klavs) informed me that he was in contact with  Teglskovens Hunting which could arrange a safari at Mayogi Safari. As it was possible to squeeze the safari in between the other hunting that we do (roebuck hunting and rough shooting) i was keen.

As can be seen in the photos and video above was my safari part 2 very successful and i had some wonderful days, which i would attempt to describe in the following.

Different from earlier safari this safari was planed in such a way that our partner could participate - an arrangement I strongly recommend to try out. So Klavs could bring his wife, Hanne and I had my girlfriend Nicoline with us on the safari.

The tickets for the plane was bought over the net ( and this procedure can only be recommended. Different from my first safari we have chosen not to bring our own riffles. I will also recommend this procedure is considered as it gives many more options for choosing airlines and gives a significant saving of time i the airports. The riffles that we hired at Mayogi safari was of a very good standard. Personal I was using with a 308 fitted with silencer. After arrival at Mayogi Safari we had good option the get acquainted with rifle.

Our flight down to SA was without any problems - it was a long trip but that the way it is when you want to visit the country of the greater Kudu. We arrived in Port Elisabeth 27. July 2015. We where pick up by Dirk Dorfling, Mayogi Safari in his 4 WD a car that was mend to be driving around in the mountains and not the city this was right down our ally as it was in the mountains is where we going hunting.

After aprox. 1 hour drive we arrived at the lodge where we should stay the first couple of days. As we arrived at the lodge it was as if the owner had lined all the animals along the road so there was impala, wildebeest, springbuck, giraffe, sable antilope and zebra so our eyes was sticks booth on the experienced and on the newbie's (Nicoline) that saw it for the first time.

After the arrival at the lodge it was time for a little drink and then it was off to the shooting range. On the shooting range we meet our personal hunters (PH) for the first time. My personal hunter was Ken and Klavs should hunt with Marius. We soon recognized that our PH was top professional that would do every thing so that our hunting days should be good.

After sighting of the riffles (my riffle should did not need any adjustment) we were ready to go hunting. On the first outing both Arno Dorfling and Ken was my PH so actually I had two PH on this outing and together Nicoline (my lovly companion) and a tracker so we where a hole group that where in the mountains hunting. We have agreed with Tegelskovens Hunting/Mayogi Safari that we should try to get five different species (Kudu, Impala, Springbuck, Warthog, duiker/baboon). Much can be said about these package arrangement but i have used them with both of my safaris with god luck.

We started our hunt just to have a closer look at the game in the arrear but soon we saw three wildebeest. After a short discussion we decided to try this three wildebeest despite that they were not the target at the beginning but that's hunting.

Now we experienced the real hunting in the African high land and you very quickly find out that all and i mean all bushes has has thorns. Some is long and other are incredible long so it is a task to try to hunt quietly through the bushes. We really tried to get close to the wildebeest but unfortunately with no luck - they are very observant those wildebeest.

It was getting dark but Arno felt that vi just have to cross the last field before we were heading home. as said it was getting some what dark and at one instance I was asked long i could see in the scope. I estimated that i could see 10 minutes more max. We walked for approximately 30 minutes more and suddenly Arno stopped and asked me - do you want to shoot a porcupine". I knew what a porcupine was and such an animal i would like to hunt. After some help from the other participants i at last found the porcupine in the scope and shoot. The porcupine was approximately at a distance of 70 - 80 meters and immediately after the shoot i could hear some rattle from the porcupine and there after there were quit. The spouse to the porcupine was also in the area and actually it came running against but now it was very dark i actually could get a descent sight so i didn't shoot.

Then we could get a closer at the porcupine that i have shoot, when you look closer it is actually quit a remarkable animal - big teeth like a beaver and then off course the long pointy black and white spikes.

I was very glad that I could shoot the animal on out trip and after a photo session it was back to the lodge.


Cactus and other thorny things

Hunting car

My impala together with my PH Ken


Next morning it was early up (aprox. 6.30). Nicoline felt that the hunt yesterday was very exciting so she would like to go join us on the first real days out hunting.

First thing in the morning we spotted a mob of wildebeest and we tried to get closer. We succeed almost and got to a distance of 180 meter but the all where looking strait at us and it was not possible to get closer so we have to wait. Suddenly the mob ran of whiteout any chance of shooting. So no wildebeest was hunted this morning.

As we where arriving at the car we saw a mob of impala we a good ram and the hunting suddenly changed from hunting wildebeest to hunting impala.

After some hunting back and forth we got 150 meter and the three legged shooting stick was put up and i found the front leg of the impala and as the impala stood broadside I shoot. The impala went down as stroke by lighting and after a few kick with the legs all was quit. I quickly reloaded and was ready to shoot again but quickly ít was clear that no further shooting was necessary.

As something very special we where this day followed by GJ from Wildlife Video Production ( and he had followed the hunting and the shoot. Wildlife Video Production has allowed me to show the video which is a special part of this page. If you want to se the videos you can follow this link.

My hunt on the impala was also special because Nicoline was with us and she could follow the traditional positioning of the animal and after  the photos the animal was slaughted nicely and made ready for the slaughter house.



Nyala shot by Klavs - here together with his PH Marius

Duiker - who nearly disappear on the african soil

My PH Ken and my wildebeest


The next day Nicoline did not wanted to go out hunting early in the morning so it was "only" my PH Ken, our tracker Vorslag and I that went out. We started with a long drive where we spotted Kudu, Impala and wildebeest. As we arrived to a crossroad Vorslag was posted on one of the roads and Ken and where looking at the other road. After approximately half hour Ken wanted to check on the tracker and i was left alone. As he was gone i saw first one duiker and then i saw two at a distance of 200 meters. As Ken returned there was still one duiker back on the road and we agreed to try to hunt the duiker.

After a casually stalk we ended up at a distance of approximately 150 meter.

The three legged shooting stick was put up again and preparation was made. Even if the duiker a small animal and the distance was relative large I felt that i could take a good shot and i let the bullet fly. The duiker was put down as by lighting. As we arrived to the animal we could see that my aiming has been quit in front of the animal and the shot could be characterized as a necks shoot.

The duiker was arranged nicely and some photo was taken. After gutting the animal and placing it near the road we continued on our hunting. After a stalk of a couple of kilometres or more we in mysterious way found the car and we pick up the duiker and drove to the slaughter house. As we had to change lodge that day we called a day a little bit earlier which was fine with me as i already had some experience that I had to cope with.

In the evening it was again gathering by the grill but at the new lodge and we were already getting familiar with the local drink - brandy and coke.



Trophy room at the new logde


Vortesvin, Warthog, Intibane, flachfart

(Dansk, English, Zulu, Africans)

Warthog with very warn down teeth

Bar in the trophy room


The next day ken and I had decided to try hunting the grey ghost of Africa - the Kudu. We started early in the morning with a stalk along a ridge and during the stalk we saw many animals Nyala and kudu but they we all females which are nice but off course not a target. During our stalk we had a very funny experience. We could get very close to a warthog borrow where we could see that some one was home . As we all three (Ken, Voslag and I) only was 5 meter from the borrow out came four warthog. They ran directly at Vorslag who quickly got out of the way.


After we were finish laughing we continued the stalk and after another couple kilometres of stalk we suddenly saw a kudu bull standing and the other side of the valley approximately 200 meter away. The bull was evaluated and found to be a good specimen so now it was only to find a good and stable shooting position.  I used a three as shooting stick but i had to wait a little bit until the wind went down for a short while before i could find the bull and take the shoot. We could see that the big animal was hit and the animall ran down the mountain.


I was placed on the mountain top with the noticed that i had to be very sure that i was the right Kudu before i take the shoot. After aprox 15 minutes i could hear Ken giving the kudu the final shoot. After a little bit of shouting and whistling we found each other and i could see the kudu. I have hunted red stag before also red stag that i felt very big but bly me such a Kudu is a big animal and the horns on such one is a story of it own - Nice long spiral horns - I didn't measure the length so that has to wait until i get the horns again.

As the Kudu is a very large animal there had to be four people to carry down the mountain - Ken and I could go back to the car and leave the hard work to Vorslag and his colleagues.



PH looking over the hunting fields

My nice Oryx 


Nice springbuck in the nice African nature 



We drove back to the farm and it was only Nicoline that was alone on the farm as Klavs and Hanne was out hunting, and then she must hear all the history about the Kudu. After a quick breakfast Ken and I agreed that is was about time to go hunting again. Nicoline would like to go with us and i was glad to bring her along. Ken and I agreed that we we should try the warthog as we have woke firé of them this morning. After aprox. one hours hunting we arrived at a very old warthog which was grassing under a tree. We could all see that it was a very old animal with warn down tusk. Ken told me that it was up to me if I want to shoot or not. Now I am such a hunter that when I got a chance I take it. I found the warthog in the scope and took the shoot. The pig turned around and tried to escape but only after a few yard he fell over and a few kick with the legs he laid quit.

So it was time to get the warthog arranged to a nice picture and it is correct that the tusk not are the greatest and most impressive but I am satisfied with my warthog.

Getting the warthog on the truck was some what easier than the Kudu, from the hunting this morning. After a short stop at the lodge it was off hunting again - my PH was really on the move. On the next hunt we were accompanied by GJ and his camera so that was very exciting if we had some luck this afternoon.

After a short while we saw some wildebeest grassing on the other side of the valley. The strategy was laid out and the plan was to get behind the animals and get to them in good wind. Our strategy was successful and we came to a distance about 150 meter from the animals and we could get ready. The wildebeest had got some suspicion that was something wrong and were looking right at us. At once one of the animals where separated from the mob and I where given the permission to shoot. The shoot was good and the animal jumped to one side and disappeared with the rest of the group. Then it was Vorslag that has got to work and it wasn't long before he found the first blood. The blood was very easy to follow - even I could follow the trail - after approximately 100 meter the wildebeest was found. It was a huge animal med marvels horns. So this day I have had the luck to hunt and get three different animals - really a wild experience. After the traditional photo session and loading of the animal - something that was hard work but something that Gj, Ken and Vorslag got fixed.

Then it was back to the lodge and Ken and I quickly agreed that it was enough hunting for this day.

In the evening all the animals were celebrated with the local favourite drink - brandy and cola - As Klavs had got one animal and I have got three animal so a couple of brandy and cola was consumed that evening but not more than we could go hunting the next day.


Treatment of skind and trophy

Trophy of springbuck

Wiev from the logde


Before the journey i have told Herik from Teglskovens Hunting that my big wish was to get the opportunity to hunt a Oryx - a animal that i see as synonym of Africa. So the next day were designated to Oryx hunting.

The day started with quit a drive as there where no Oryx on the farm where we normal hunted. After a good stalk we came up to the Oryx and had a group of 5 - 6 animal going 150 - 200 meters in front of us. The shooting stick was put up and as i felt that a could take a good shoot. I took the shoot. When you in a hunting situation makes a mistake i feel that there is nothing to do as admit the mistake and try to rectify the damage. On the animal reaction and the video we could see that the Oryx was hit in the stomach and it left the arena hunched. Then Ken and Vorslag really had to work hard and the Oryx was spotted several times and several times we were very close but with no chance to shoot. I will leave some of the experience in this stalking to by only for the participants.

At last we were waking along some bushes and the oryx was taking off on the other side. Ken delivered a very nice shoot and the Oryx rolled like a rabbit. Finally i could take the trophy in eyesight and it is a nice trophy.

The Oryx was like it was tradition put up for photo and it was a happy hunter that could be placed behind the animal. Then the Oryx was transported to the slaughterhouse. In the afternoon Ken and I  Were baboon hunting but with no luck. Mayby you have to get used to shoot at very long range (3 - 400 meter). The trip this afternoon had also the purpose to look at a special place but more about that later.

In the evening there was cola and brandy and meat on the grill - life can't get much better than that. We now knew the owners (Dirk and Arno) and the PH (Ken and Marius) very well so this evening we actually discussed politics and it is obvious that South Africa has quit another system than what we are used to and are faced with other challenges and we had a good talk that evening.


Older car left out in the busch

The happy bunch of PH; compagnions and hunter

The groupe in front of Mayogi Safaris


Now we were arrived at the second last day of the hunting and we could actually not understand were all the days were gone but the time flies when you have a nice time. The last day we were going springbuck hunting. Klavs and I drove together for approximately 1,5 hours. We were together placed on two kopjes and the tracker would then drive the springbucks against us.

After approximately 45 minutes on the kopje I could see a large flok of springbucks come against us and I signalized to ken that the springbuck was quit near. The springbucks where hide behind som cactus but suddenly one of the bucks was out in the open and i was allowed to shoot. The buck was relative close by aprox. 50 meters so it was relative easily to place the cross on the springbuck and shoot. It was obvius that the springbuck was hit hard and he made a gigant jump and ran off. Ken walked little bit along the kopje and could see that the springbuck actually had been running against us and laid only 100 meter away from us.

The entrance was a little bit messy with some blood but Ken fixed that with a little bit of dirt and a stone so that a good trophy photo could be taken.

Klavs has not been lucky yet so he hunted further on and after aprox. 1 hour he shoot a springbuck.

In the afternoon the great surprise should be revealed. Before departure from Denmark I have told Henrik from Teglskovens Hunting that I under the safari would ask Nicoline for her hand in marriage. This invoked a huge amount of e-mail between both henrik from Teglskovens hunting and the people in South Africa about how the engagement could take place. Klavs and Hanne was also involved in the plan and at last var it only Nicoline that didn't knew anything.


Ken was also in on the plan and ´he told us that he would like to show us a waterfall but we agrees that we would go on baboon hunting first- primarily to get away from the rest of the group so that the could make all kind of arrangement. Mayby Ken has forgotten to tell Vorslag about the plan so he was very frustrated that we were looking for baboons in areas where there never had been baboons.

After a long drive in the hunting area we finally arrived at the waterfall and as I have been there the day in advance I knew the way. In such a situation you can get as nervous as during hunting but at last we arrived at the waterfall and Ken disappeared. Nicoline has got it yet. When we came to the waterfall the people from the lodge had made a nice picnic with champagne and lots of delicious food. Then there was no way back and I had to get down on one knee and ask my lovely Nicoline would marry me. Luckily she said yes and gave me a long kiss. Luckily i had brought the ring with me and Nicoline was very happy for the ring even though that the ring was a little bit to small so she just used the little finger. The the champagne was open and Nicoline could not fight her nosiness any longer and she wanted to know all the details - how long has it been planed and how many people was involved. In the next 30 minutes we enjoyed each other. I have forgotten to tell that GJ off course covered the engagement with several cameras and it s wonderful to have this experience covered o film. So now i do not have any girlfriend any longer now i have a fiancé.

After approximately 30 minutes we went back to the car were Ken and Vorslag on mysteries way showed up and then it was back to the lodge were we were received by the other and all wished us the best of luck.

Then there was cola and brandy in good amounts - you don't have to change a good tradition just because yu have been engaged.

So it was a little bit late that evening but both Klavs and I were ready for hunting the next day.


Sunset in Africa

Engagement in Africa

Engangement in Africa


The experience the next day is sadly quickly over - after a good stalk we found a good stein buck - it was a long shoot to such a small animal but i felt that the prior days had given me some experience so i took the shoot. As we were going up to the animal it took off and disappeared in the bush. Sadly we did not find the stein buck despite intense investigation by Ken and Vorslag. So my last shoot in Africa did not went well. Off course it is a situation that you tried to avoid by all means but we have to admit that it is a situation that can happen to all hunters.

This off course removed a little bit of the joy for me the last day but Nicoline was good to comfort me and I have to get on with life.

The last day there was again fire in the grill and brandy and cola ad libitum.

The next day was the journey home and it was a long trip but it was nice to get home to the family and the dogs. Now it is the waiting game for the trophy so that every thing can be relived agaien.  


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